The Company Overview

The center "SAINJGEO" was established in accordance with the current Georgian legislation. Its organizational and legislative form is a Limited Liability Company. Legal name of the company is “Sainjgeo” Ltd. It possesses the state licenses for carrying out geologic-exploration and construction-projection works (license NN SLC N1890 and 3260). It is incorporated on the basis of the district court decision in April the 5th, 1999. The company is supplied with the office space and special modern technical equipment. It carries out works according to the American-British and Russian standards. The company possesses a special permission of “confidentiality” for carrying out works of special designation. It possesses the authority of carrying out works with its own title and logo; It is a member of European Association of Geoscientists.

Since 1999 up today “Sainjgeo” is performing engineering and geological successfully and cooperates both with national and international firms. 

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