Principles of working with a client

When offering our engineering-geological and hydro-geological services to the client, we take the intentions and possibilities of the client into account to take an optimal “price to quality” decision.

We ensure the client with detailed and objective information about the service price. The agreement is concluded for any type of service according to which the company shall be responsible for the quality of service.

We will welcome any technical supervisor or an independent expert from the client’s side to be included in the service processes.  We are ready for any dialogue and we do our works  absolutely transparently, we take into account their recommendations and instructions in order to ensure completion of any project in full compliance with the standards and requirements.

Experience of the personnel

From the date of its foundation (1999) until present the company and its specialist have gained a wide working experience in geology, engineering-geology and hydro geology. Average working experiences of the company’s staff in these spheres comprise 20-30 years;


Sainjgeo LTD has its own laboratory for testing soil and water samples which is equipped with the devices of both American and British standards.

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