Main Priorities of Company’s Activity:

  • Engineering-geological investigations;
  • Hydrological investigations (water supply;
  • Investigation solid fossils and calculation of their resources;
  • Topo-geodetic works;
  • Laboratorytestingofsoilsandchemicalanalysisofgroundwater;
  • Projection and design;
  • Construction of water pipelines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Engineering-geologicalinvestigationisoneofthemainorientationsofthecompany’sactivity. Such investigations may be complex and may comprise hydro geological, geophysical and seismic investigations in the field and laboratory conditions and procession of the field and test data.

Hydro geological works include investigation of underground water conditions, fossils and calculation of natural resources, including exploratory boreholes.

Investigation of solid fossils and calculation of resources include: exposure of fossils, preliminary evaluation and final calculation of resources for the State Commission of verifying exact resources of fossils.

Laboratory works include: determination of physical-mechanical properties of soil samples in accordance to the standards acting in Georgia and in accordance with BS and ASTM standards.

Investigations for constructions are underway almost at every stage of projection. Final results are taken necessary for the projection any type of building. The mentioned investigations are strictly regulated under the local standards and other normative acts and instructions. 

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